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Ricky Boy
I Try To Found Away To Get The $25,000 To Pay All Bills Off At One Time Are There Any Programs That I Could Sign Up For That For Disable & Senior Citizen With Fix Income Thank You Very Much Ricky Boy
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Hello Buttrefly22,this is chickmom2.Have u been able to find any assistace through this aidpage?Ihavent.Or do u know of anyone who has/I am in dire need of help with my rent,for me and my 4 children.We are being evicted,if i dont come up with the rent.
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bjctech   in reply to jdomallet
hey there, do you have enough for AB.wh31vinkids
she lives in a trailer with a baby, she need help please contact her
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jdomallet   in reply to DISNEYBABE106
i may be able to help! i work for a group that flips houses and there alsways extra stuff maybe enough to remodel some or all of your trailer
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hi there can anyone help me. I just need someone to loan me money now and i'll pay them back. i just need $10,000 and if i can pay you back bit by bit to pay bills and other things. thanks to you all god bless
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 in response to lonesome dove...   I am not sure where you live exactly, but I have a few suggestions. Try the Salvation Army. I'm not taling about moving in there. They actually do have some housing funding programs. Also, try some of the churches in your area, whether you are a member of that denomination or not. If they turn you away for not being a member, bless them and let them know that they have just fulfilled the scripture of the good samaritan, where all the religious leaders passed by a man who lay suffering , and they thought themselves too good or too busy to help, but it was the samaritan, a despised person in the time of Christ, who not only cared for the person the religios leaders passed by, but paid for it out of his own pocket. God Bless and pray they quickly receive the reward of their faith.

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can you help a 60 year old man? too young to draw ss. im two months behind in my rent, about to be homeless in another week. please help. have no fiends or family to help me.need 700 dollors. will pay back asap. please pray for me. thank you and god bless.
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 in response to bookworm2011...   Thank you for your response, it is very helpful. My older son was fortunate to receive a scholarship based on his baseball skills and a GPA of 4.0, but I still had to co-sign loans for him b/c school cost money and a full scholarship does not cover everything, at least not for the working class. I am so upset over these new laws and how it has been affecting my younger son's chances for an education. I mean, he's only going to community college, not Harvard. With the loans I have co-signed for my older son, my salaray as a teacher, I am over extended. I don't see how I can keep doing this for the next 4 years to get my younger son through college. If I died would they still make him have a co-signer? Or simply reject him for any financial aid/student loans?
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troy flora
 in response to bookworm2011...   I was reading your blogs and i like your perspective outlook. keep up the good advise.
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 in response to LDKC...   you have three years time to file an amendment to your taxes. refile and claim your son if it will get you a return versus not claiming him. Due to new laws regarding students under 25 and credit requirements, students will need co-signers.The process is to try to get the parent to take out the loan for the student, then the rest of what the parent doesnt qualify for, the student gets in a loan,up to the amount they are eligible for.
I think its unfair and actually penalizes parents and students and there are alot of sticky situations in between. For instance, my 19 year old daughter hasn't lived at home in three years, but I had to give my info. for her to get her student loan. She qualified for 8,000 of the 14,000 and they wanted me to take out the loan for the remaining. I refused. I already pay her rent, gas, cable, and food bills. So, they denied her the financial aid unless a parent co-signed. Even if the parent is denied, they must apply(or someone has to apply as a co-signer) for the student to get any aid.
I ended up making monthly payments of about 438 a month for her remaining balance and this was the only way I could get her qualified to receive her financial aid.
Best of luck, have your son apply for scholarships and see if that helps any, also maybe a fee waiver which is different from financial aid..but helps alot as it takes care of fee's at public colleges.
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Try not having children if you're not in a financial position to take care of themselves and yourself. There is no one to blame for your situation than yourself. If the man says that he is using protection, then the onus is on you to make sure. If you get pregnant, there is always abortion (before you get all Christian on me, pre-marital sex is also frowned upon, but I guess you pick and choose here). Good luck.
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hi .. I am 32 years old have 2 children and mothers, but do not have a single house, I hope someone can help me .. thank you. God Bless U..
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I didn't claim my son last year on taxes for the soul purpose for him to get a student loan and he still could not get a student loan without a co-signer. He never had any established credit, he was 19 y.o last year, worked P/T minimum wage (less than $100. per week after taxes) no benefits, and still did not qualify for aid or loan.
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 in response to sandra35...   Thank you for your e-mail.
I can't earn much money for care my 4 kids. Eldest daughter is a student of University and 3 others are schoolchild, I can't pay study fees of my eldest about 700 $ plus 2000 $ credit. I appreciate help me. Regards
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Enola Sue
No i still have medical bills. I have got a lawyer but i am still under doctor care
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hello im a tunisien citizen im a barmen42yearold because of c (crise) im at home without work im married with two child i live in a rented house no money naw please if some one can help me to see my daughter and my son happy to eat and learn please take care for my comment really really i need help think in advance my phone number is 0021655700762
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i,m here my jerry nicholas needed your help to loan me or help me send money to started business
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I just got out of the hospital with a stroke. I was a patient in two hospitals. While at the first hospital, I received an IV in my left arm.It was neglected and I ended up with a blood clot and a staff infection which also got in my blood stream. When I went to the second hospital for rehab, they couldn't complete it because of my arm. I was only suppose to be in there for two weeks. I ended up on the medical floor instead of rehab. I had a high temp and very sick because of that infected IV. I lost my job because I wasn't there long enough for the Family Leave or long term disability to kick in. My wife is disabled and I now have no income. We do have a home payment and other bills. My wife collects $527.00 a month on Social Security Disability and our home payment is $525.00 a month. I am looking for work but at 60 years old with health problems, it is very hard. I thought about applying for disability but that takes awhile. I am not eligible for Unemployment Insurance because of my short time at my last job. We live in a small single wide mobile home. Until we can get back on our feet, we just need temporary help. We are afraid we are going to lose everything. We own a vehicle that needs work. It gets us around but not sure how long. It's got 166 thousand miles on it. We both have a lot of medications. I am diabetic with heart disease and high blood pressure and suffering from weakness on my left side because of my stroke. My wife has Fibromyalgia and osteo arthritis in her knees and can barely walk. I never asked for help like this before but I have to think of my wife. I don't care about me, just my wife.
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My name is Jennifer my husband is Employed and I am looking for work we are at the end of our rope seems like everytime we pay off one bill another one pops up and at the moment we are looking at our gas being shut off on the 19th of September. We owe lot rent but own our home. Also our vehicle is in need of repairs $200 worth and we have no idea were that's going to come from. If you have any ideas for us please tell me. We've already when to DHS and they cant help. I just don't know what to do. I'm hoping that a job will open soon.
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The worst part is, I call whoever I can think of for programs or just ANY helpful info. I always get--"they told you wrong" or " try this dead end". I thought if you were a good person and honest, you would receive blessings. When does that ever happen?

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