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i need help paying bill rent,truck,and food i lost my job and i have nothing  will someone help me i live in ga if any one need work done help me please

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paul c. parker

my name is cardia bass am i need help very bad can somone please help me bad cardia bass i am behind on my bills help number is 310 4281037

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i need help if you know of any ideas let me know denise_marie_mcintosh

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Thanks I will.

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do you and your wife have home owner insurance? You have ive years to make a claim from the time your home is hit with a major storm or any force of nature. You might get lucky and have the adjuster report that the roof is in such bad shape that th only thing to do is replace the entire roof.

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jazzy 1987

i need money can u help me?i know i am not the only one.should i hurt myself cuz i cant think about nothing but the bills?

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I no people are bad of then me but i need help please can some one help me and my grandson he my not have a chrisxmas we may not have no food but i cant get put i out we have no where to go is there anyone out there can help us i have some of the money   my email is or you can call me at 443-602-7726 please call if you can help us i been every where and they do not have no fund

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i am at a dead in right now i look at my grandson becase i dont no where i am going to go please please help

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how did u get help i need help really bad me and my four kids $189 light bill plese tell me

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Hello,I  dont  have  any money for you,but  iam going through the same situation.  Iam  the mother of two I don' have a job, even though ive been looking and i  have no money. I was recently in school but now Iam not since my financial aid didn't go through. Today,I feel like giving up and iam down and out. I feel like crying but i cant let the tears come out because i will feel more like a faluire. Iam having the hardest time right now.Every door i open, it shuts right back in my face. Iwish i had a miracle, or something. i cant say anything else,it hurts too bad.God bless

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help i am 60 yrs old i am on Ss, i had my money stolen by a girl i had move in to help mne around the house,she took all my money then con me out of my car,i now have no car or monbey i have a hard time getting around, i can drive but no car now.Please help me any car will help,if it has adjustable  seat where i can adjust to my height would be good i am 4ft7 inches

Your truly,


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skeptic mom
 in response to fred32507...   

Hi,Fred32507 You can try this suryeys.SuveySavy Survey4Profit  AmericanConsumerOpinion Vindaleresearch This are some of the ones that pay cash,by check. and some give you more sites to join.Some of these site have a limited space,so hurry and sign up.

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 in response to carolinagirl...   

I've tried cashcrate too and they do pay but it takes a lot of time. I since turned to programs that will provide gift cards or other gifts for taking surveys. There is a pretty good list at which list some survey programs with some good gift cards for participating. It takes a little time, but since some of the programs give gift cards for stuff like baby formula and groceries its a decent deal for me.

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sorry to bother you but would you have information on any other survey sites to earn a little extra money. thanks

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do you know nichole gettings?

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i don't seem to be getting the idea of this program. could some one please let me know if i doing this writing thing okay? this is vesty

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